Sun, sand, surf.  Mountains, adventure tourism, backpacking.  While everyone’s definition of a vacation is different, no one pictures a vacation ending in a stack of medical bills.

Did you know the average cost per day in a US hospital can be more than $10, 000?  And for provinces other than your home province it can be up to $7000 a day?  The cost to be transported home by air ambulance can be more than $10, 000, also.

Manitoba’s Government Provincial Health Insurance Plan only provides $280-$570 per day once you leave the province.  50% of travel insurance claims are sickness and 50% are accident-caused, so even if you “never get sick” you still are at risk of having to pay a very large medical bill.  You can also insure the cost of your flights and trips should an unforeseen storm, death, or injury cause you to miss your trip or have to return home early.

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