Autopac coverage protects you in the event of a personal injury, collision or third party liability claim.  You can choose to enhance this coverage with optional Autopac coverages. Some options include increasing your third party liability limits, reducing your deductibles, or purchasing Excess Value Coverage (for high end vehicles), to name a few.

Whether you’re renewing Old Faithful, buying a shiny new car from a dealership, a gently used truck from a friend, or gifting a motorcycle to a family member, we can give you all the information you need–including quoting what insurance on a new vehicle will cost, advising you of the situation where a Safety Certificate will be needed, and whether or not you’ll need to pay taxes!

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We also set up new customers and book Driver’s Ed programs, Knowledge and Road Tests.  Whatever the situation, we can guide you through it.  Ficek Insurance is an agent for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).