7 Reasons to Choose Ficek Insurance for Insuring Your Mortgage

The Bank Looks After the Bank, Ficek Looks After YOU

Cheaper than Mortgage Insurance Through the Bank

Our Insurance Costs Less

Your coverage shouldn't cost a fortune. Insurance with us is lower than the cost of Mortgage Insurance through the bank. Get better coverage and pay less for it.
Your Life Insurance Policy is not Tied to a Bank

Your Policy is Tied to You

When you get your mortgage insurance through a bank, it's tied to that bank. With Ficek Insurance, your policy is tied to you. If you move your mortgage to another bank, no big deal, your policy moves with you.
Your Insurance Approval Happens Up Front, Not When You Make a Claim

When You're Approved, You're Approved

With us, your insurance policy is underwritten at time of application so that you know FOR SURE that you have the insurance. When you get insurance through the bank, they can reject your policy at the time of a claim and just refund the premiums you have already paid. With Ficek Insurance, when we say you're approved, we mean it.
You Choose Who Gets the Money, Not a Bank

It's Your Policy, You Should be in Charge

With mortgage insurance through a bank, the policy only goes towards the payment of the mortgage. With Ficek Insurance, you choose where the money goes. If it's your policy, then you should be in charge.
Life, Disability and Critical Illness all in One Policy.

Be Covered for Any Situation

Mortgage Insurance with the bank has limited coverage. With Ficek Insurance, we make sure you are fully covered. Recovery times can come with a significant financial cost that impacts both you and the people close to you. Get coverage that relieves financial concerns so you can focus on what matters most.
Your Insurance can Cover other Loans and Expenses

Your Money, Your Choice

Mortgage insurance with a bank only goes towards the mortgage. With Ficek Insurance, you call the shots and choose where the money goes. Reduce or eliminate debt and other financial concerns.
Fair Mortgage Insurance

Your Coverage Doesn't Decrease

When you get mortgage insurance through the bank, your policy only covers the current balance owing on the mortgage. 10 years later, you still pay the same premiums for the original mortgage amount but your coverage has decreased. With Ficek Insurance you get what you pay for. Your coverage doesn't decrease as you pay down your mortgage, it stays the same. 10 years later, your coverage could take care of the mortgage and relieve other financial concerns.

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